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Surgery phone number: 020 8398 3141

  • Book ahead doctor appointments are by telephone, in person or online.

  • Same day doctor appointments are bookable from 8.30 am for the morning and 2.30 pm for the afternoon by telephone or in person.

  • Telephone appointments with doctors are bookable for patients who may not need to attend the surgery.

  • Nurse appointments must be booked ahead by telephone or in person.

Appointment System

All patients are seen by appointment apart from the occasional urgent/on the day cases.

  • You may see any doctor you choose, as long as you can be a little flexible as to the precise date and time of your appointment
  • For continity's sake, please allow one doctor only to follow through on a specific problem if at all possible, particularly if you want:

1) test results interpreted or
2) referral to a specialist.

  • Appointments are made at 10-minute intervals
  • It is possible to book a double (20 minute) appointment, but you may need to book well in advance.
  • A separate appointment is required for each person to be seen.
  • Ideally a 10-minute appointment should be for one problem only.

Please try not to overload the GPs with multiple issues which have accumulated over weeks, months or even years. Patients often think this will save time (their own and the doctor's), but it inevitably leads to appointments overrunning, causing exasperation for ensuring patients. It also runs the risk that none of your problems will be addressed to your full satisfaction. It is better to prioritise, enabling the doctor to give her/his undivided attention to the most important problem and deal with less pressing concerns at a later date.

Sometimes surgeries run late due to unforeseen circumstances - we will endeavour to keep patients informed at all times, so please be understanding if you have to wait. However, always check with reception if you have been waiting for over 20 minutes without being given a reason.

If your case is very urgent and you do not have an appointment, you may, at the doctor's discretion, be seen at the end of surgery. Under these circumstances no appointment time can be specified and a wait is to be expected.

Private Referrals

A number of patients may wish to have a private referral from for medical treatment. The GP will make the referral in the usual way, once you have determined whom you wish to consult, but thereafter the procedure is a little different. Please note the differences to avoid any misunderstandings.

For routine appointments, your referral letter to the consultant of your choice will take five working days before it is ready for collection at the reception. The only exception is if your GP considers the problem medically urgent and they will make this clear to you during the consultation.

Please be aware that we do not post private referrals to consultants or patients.You make your own appointment with the consultant, then ring reception and let us know the consultant's name and date and time of your appointment. If you have any queries about consultants or anything else relevant to the referral please contact our medical secretary.

Should you make an appointment within five working days of consulting your GP here may not be time to get a referral letter ready and this should be made clear to the consultant at the time you make the appointment. If you are insured and belong to a private health care scheme and want the GP to complete and sign it on your behalf, it will attract a fee, payable in advance.

Please bear in mind that any claim form you wish your GP to complete and sign must relate to the referral made by them before you consulted with a private clinician. The GPs are unable to take responsibility for something they have not done.

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Mind - England Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!